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Berkshire Elementary School

On DOFFA’s recent visit to Berkshire Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland, we gave the children postcards and asked them to write messages of friendship to youth in Africa.  We will deliver these messages of friendship on DOFFA’s upcoming trip to Nigeria, bringing reciprocal messages back.  The messages written by the kids were so insightful, kind, perceptive and caring, proving that we all have a lot to learn from the wisdom of youth.
These simple postcard messages reminded us that children truly do learn what we teach them – not only the subjects they learn in school, but their character is shaped by the lessons they learn through the example we set.  If we show love, they learn to love.  If we show kindness, they will learn to be kind.  If they see us being respectful to our fellow man, regardless of the differences in our race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomics, they will learn to treat people with respect.  If we include them in gestures of generosity – helping those who can benefit from a helping hand, they will grow up with generosity in their hearts. 

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